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Security Matters


$1 Trillion Dollars in intellectual property was stolen from enterprise systems.  Many of those threats are internal. Setup a training course with us today


Could you be one?

73% of off all people in the United States have fallen victim to some kind of cyber crime. Taking the time to stop it could save you time and money in the future.

Helping you take the first step

Policies and Procedures

Here at Evan Haston Solutions we take steps to mitigate security threats. We create policies and procedures to make sure employees and contractors are up to date on the do's and dont's of the companies. We help you maintain and update policy's from year to year fitting perfectly with your needs.

Taking step two

Full System Audit

The next step we take is to be physically there with you to understand the needs of your company. We then do a full audit to evaluate system security that fits you.

CYBER Lecture


We will be conducting a small class talking about insider threats and social engineering attacks. This class is to give a better understanding of cyber security .


5/20/15    3:00 PM

Project BSS "Better Cyber Security"

Online Classes

Windows 10

I will be conduction and online class on the use of Windows 10. This will consist of the basics and will allow for recommendation for videos and information for attendees


Information Security: China


In a day where information is stored on electrical devices, it is important to maintain information security to ensure that corporate, government and personal secrets are kept secret. The problem that we run into is creating and enforcing cyber law. We at Evan Haston Solutions have a potential solution to this problem.


10/15/15    10:30 AM

Comming soon. Online classes for Windows 10

9/21/15    8:30 PM

Curving Corporate Espionage Beyond U.S. Borders



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