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With a residential service plan there is no need to worry about paying full price for visits again. Pay once a month or once a year and you are set.  To get information about our monthly or yearly please pleas email us at info@evanhastonsolutions.com

We focus on security for your business. Locking down and maintaining system security is our main goal. In this day in age you need someone to have your back. That someone is us. Business@evanhastonsolutions.com

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Business Plans are available upon request

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5/07/14    8:30 PM

Essex Meadows, Essex Meadows Tech Class

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Galaxy Note 4, Galaxy Note

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Youtube, Youtube Review

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New events for Feburary 2014

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Interested in attending an event or curious about an event. Please contact info@brainpuzzlect.com


For imformation on booking an event please email business@brainpuzzlect.com

The blog we have on here gives a general idea of what you need and don’t need in the world of technology. It gives insight into the world of IT and it can help you pick out that cool gadget for that family member.

We will soon be making and uploading video reviews to Youtube in order to give information to our clients. Please check back to see when they are available.

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